8 factors limiting you from maximizing your potential

“Potential is always bigger than the problem. Your potential is infinite and is always bigger than whatever problem you’re going through. And your life begins to be okay when you wake up in the morning, and say, I’m going to walk in the direction of my purpose. I’m going to walk in the direction of my vision.”
Michael Bernard Beckwith

It is disturbing and frustrating to note that, in this era where more than half of the world’s population are striving to initiate change, make a difference and rise to life’s terms on their own terms.

Some people are still in life struggling to know why they are in life or what they can do with their life. To them, to be breathing is just a normal thing to live with.

I have identified the 8 factors limiting you from maximizing your potential.

In the course of this piece, you will see some of the factors that may be responsible for someone’s potential not to be harnessed and maximised.

You Haven’t Identify Your Gift:

Do you know that you are created as a masterpiece of yourself? If you have known that, it means you must have understood that you are blessed with something that differentiates you.

What you are blessed with is neither what you paid for nor what you struggle to identify that lies inside you.

It is something that echoes in you what void you can fill with your life, and you can only fill that void when you discover and have the full grasp of what is in you!

You Haven’t Find What is Worth Living For:

Have you ever sit down and question how your life will be described? If you want to fully live to your potential, you must find a path.

Find an interest or something worthwhile in life that you can commit your whole life to.

When you do this, it gives you the power to exercise absolute control on how your life will be spent and what people will attribute to your life as what you have spent it for.

You Are Stuck in Your Comfort Zone:

We all like to be in a place that is devoid of stress, uncertainty and inconvenience. But if you want your true power to surge with no limit, you have to quit staying at the place where all you will be hearing is “yes,”.

You have to minimise how you stay with people who always give you approval without constructively engaging and interact with you.

When what makes you comfortable with your inner worth becomes all you strive, that alone will always fill your heart with unlimited comfort.

Your Vision is Short-sighted:

Visions are what reveals to us what lies ahead of us if we keep striving for the life we desire. Therefore, you must not be keeping a vision that is full of limits and obstacles to what you want to become in life.

Your vision must always be something that travels afar, connects you with something that you believe it is missing in your life and always stimulate you to keep vying for more grounds to break and more mountains to climb.

You Lack Self-confidence:

Some people have identified their gifts, they always stretch themselves out of their comfort zones and yet; they are struggling to maximise their potentiality. You may ask me why. It is simply because those people are lacking self-confidence.

They know what they can do, they know when it has to be done, but out of inadequate inner power to keep assuring themselves that they can do something and be applauded for it, their potentiality remains untapped and underutilised.

Fear of Failure:

It is true that failure is not good, but excuses and complacency are neither better. For you to maximise your potential, you must know that most of the people who have found themselves in the frame that shapes the modern world are those who defy failures.

You don’t have to fear failure. Imagine seeing failure standing in front of you as a human being and you are declaring to it that “you can do it!” Don’t let the fear of failure hold you down and deny you access to the opportunities in the path you treads in life.

Fear of the Future:

This is another factor posing a problem for most people’s life. It is true that we have the past, present and the future. But out of the three, we have power on only one – the present. Don’t be disturbing yourself on why you don’t have a perfect past and don’t darken your future by carrying the burdens of your past into it.

Rather, shape your future by using your present to birth the future you desire, the future that you can be proud of.

You Lack Creativity:

Many potentialities have already matured to be tapped, but they won’t fully bloom because the people that possess those potentialities are not inventive enough to unleash their potentiality to birth ideas that can claim their own position they ought to occupy in life for them, they cannot carve an image that will represent their living and be serving as their own share to what they can contribute to design the world they seek.

Regardless of what your potential is, all you owe it to grow and let it flow in abundance is to look into something you deeply believe and design a bigger picture for it.

Don’t be blaming yourself, your friends and your environment for everything stopping you from fulfilling your life. You are given the right to cause a course that other people can invest in; you have the gifts that you can unleash to command respect and honour for your personality and you have the potential become the person the world will reckon and adorn!

Sulyman Sodeeq Abdulakeem is a Librarian, Writer who co-authored the book “Responsible Living: Live to Fulfill Your Potential.”