Before I take you through the 9 proofs that show prayers is not all you need, let’s talk about last year.

We ended last year with so many expectations, anticipations and all. You promised yourself to be better in the coming year, and you prayed about your desires continually.

You have started the new year well, getting closer to God each day and obeying His commandments. But life doesn’t seem different from what you went through last year.

You don’t have a problem, you just haven’t discovered certain secrets. Life is governed by divine wisdom and only those who seek this kind finds it.

Whosoever wrote this is a genius!

  1. Noah built the ark by faith but he used measurements. There is a place for rational thinking in our walk of faith. Not all decisions should be made with blind hope!
  2. Sarah‘s pregnancy was a miracle, but it took nine months just like any other. God’s plans do not negate the importance of process. Sometimes you need to wait or work it out.
  3. The stone that killed Goliath might have been anointed, but David’s skill was also involved. Developing skills does not mean you are not anointed. If you play the piano, play it to the fullest. Don’t take us through the agony of listening to your cacophony in the name of “singing to the Lord”. Skills are important. There is nothing rude with telling that sister “you can’t sing, find something else to do in the house of God”.
  4. Esther received favour to become queen, but she also bathed and prepared her appearance. Preparation is key to becoming fit for the occasion. Get knowledge, go to school. Stop blaming auto-correct, check your spelling even here on social media. Prepare, because some of us expect nothing but the best from you!
  5. The promised land was full of milk and honey, but they also had to plough, feed cattle, and take care of sheep. Miracles are communication tools that God uses to instil trust, faith and the knowledge of his nature. You need to work, don’t expect miracles in a specific area of life all the time. No one pays rent for a full year with miracle money. We need it, we want it, but God wants what is permanent.
  6. God is the One who created the man capacity to memorize things, yet He also told many prophets to write their messages. Spirituality does not mean we should not use tools to package the message.
  7. Ruth received favour to marry Boaz, but the coaching of Naomi was necessary. Human coaching is necessary, you need to submit and learn from someone. It will spare you from silly mistakes.
  8. Moses could hear directly from God, but he was wearing himself out with work, it was the wisdom of his father-in-law that saved him from dying a premature death with exhaustion. It is wisdom to put on a seat belt, brush teeth, and adhere to medical advice. Being spiritual does not mean asking angels to cook food for you!
  9. Namaan was a mighty soldier and a friend of kings, but he acted as influenced by a Jewish maiden. Even important people are influenced by “insignificant” people. The key thing is the proximity that generates influence.

You must have learnt something from the 9 points made above. Here is what you should remember and consider, every blessing you need requires your commitment.

The simple secret of a wealthy man

The simple secret of a wealthy man does not lie in his known businesses and empires, but in his secret investments. This is why you see people in your neighbourhood buying cars and building houses despite economic instability.

Now you know God will not take a stroll to earth or appear with material wealth in your dreams just to elevate you. So, permit me to introduce you to an investment opportunity that has changed my life this year.

plastic piggy bank
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There are so many people walking into the banking hall to cash out their money and placing it in the best place. In our present century, saving your money doesn’t save your tomorrow, investing it does.

In the same light, you cannot balance work and life if all you depend on is your monthly salary. You cannot afford a luxury trip to a country of your choice with your salary. Your salary is definitely not enough to ensure the health of your family, let alone educate your children.

Many believe in acquiring loans. Well, that seems to be the fastest way of getting rich. It can also be the fastest way of developing chronic health problems when you cannot payback. This is why you see businesses rising and collapsing – these are businesses built on loan.

I was introduced to the secret of wealth by a friend who recently got married, and bought a car a few months after his first child was born. Before that time, I was a struggling entrepreneur with no substantial capital to run my business.

Do you know that with just Seventy Thousand Naira (70,000) you can kick start your journey to satisfaction? This was how little I invested to get an investment return of over Two Hundred Thousand Naira (200,000).

There are a lot of offers I will be sharing with you in the coming days. To stay connected and get more investment tips, you might like to fill the form below.

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