A twitter user identified as Adenike Odubawo narrated her ordeal with her ex-husband and why she left. She intends to inspire women in an abusive relationship.

Abusive relationship story

My ex and I had a wonderful relationship has friends. He was the best friend I had until we got married. The hate was unexplainable. I thought maybe he was broke; I invested in his business, yet I was termed bossy.

Proud; he said he hates the fact that I’m strongly opinionated, but his decisions always put on in debt and need all the time. He fights that I’m richer than him; he said he hates that I’m happy. I stayed; always praying and forgiving him. I became miserable.

One day, he went out early to inform those I respect to tell me to leave the house hence he’d kill me. He described how he will go about it. I got the message at 8 pm at night and moved out that night. Guess what? Some people blamed me for leaving.

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…I thank God I left that night. Maybe just maybe… If you come across this, for no reason should you stay in an abusive marriage! LEAVE.

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