Am I a man or a man-age

Am I a man or a man-age is a poem about growing up into adulthood.

The poet explain the self doubt that can occur when growing into adulthood.

It is so hard to say I haven’t heard before

Even the truth keep starring each moment

Stirring my emotions and leaving me in tears

Tearing me apart like I just got trapped

Yea, I got trapped.

I don’t know how I got here

Though I hear people talk about this adulthood

It was only yesterday that I was in childhood

Dancing in the rain with barely a pant on

Dining and whining with nothing to worry about

Am I a man or man-age

The difference between being of age and being a man

Don’t be deceived age isn’t just a number

This stage of life is quite different from what we see in the movies

The cars, job and a beautiful wife and kids are no soft work

Though I’ve come of age, yet I manage

The need to be wealthy and yet responsible

For this is the last hood for all mankind

You’ve got to be ready in cash and kind

For without which no man shall see his dream cone true