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Back in the day

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I can't believe I'm not young anymore. I am feeling the passage of time. So I looked for an answer for what I should do, And here is the answer that's mine.

Back in the day, when my body was fit,
I ate what I liked and gained not a bit.
After a while, the pounds slowly grew,
But I lost them fast; it was easy to do.
I didn’t worry, I didn’t care.
I didn’t need diets back in the day.

Back in the day, my summers were great.
Nothing to fear in the park.
The thing that I feared was Mom’s warning to me.
“You better be home before dark.”

Back in the day, my eyesight was good.
I never wore glasses; I saw like I should.
Now print seems so tiny and signs are unclear.
My vision is hopeless unless things are near.
I’m sorry to add that my memory is poor; it’s starting to scare me – no lie!
I go into a room for a reason I’m sure; then I am wondering why.
Back in the day, I felt safe and secure.
No shooters to scare us in school.
Now it is frightening; there’s no place to hide.
And the problem is going to spread wide.

Back in the day, I had strength to spare.
No pains in my body, no aches anywhere.
I never rested from day until night.
Now I need naps to help me feel right.
My walking is slow, and my back is in pain.
It’s hard to look cool when you walk with a cane.

I can’t believe I’m not young anymore.
I am feeling the passage of time.
So I looked for an answer for what I should do,
And here is the answer that’s mine.

If you want to stay young and keep up with the times,
Try new things you might like to do.
No need to hurry. Who cares if you’re slow?
Just keep your mind open and the ideas will flow.

Now when I think of “back in the day,”
I don’t want to go back anymore.
I keep myself busy doing things that I like,
And I’m finding my happiness grow.

© Joyce Goodman

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