“To be opened, what is your interpretation of job? What comes to your mind when you hear the word – job? What do you think about it when you are soul searching? What is the reflection you normally get about it?”

I know by seeing the caption, you will pause for some seconds and ask yourself “Before I Take…What?!” Yes, “Before You Take That Job.” I think this is an important issue we have to discuss if we truly want to change the status of ourselves, our people, our dear States and our Country, Nigeria. I have been waiting for a moment like this, when I would have opportunity to hit the nail, and I felt like this time around that another battalions would be released to join the labor market is the best time for this epistle.

To be opened, what is your interpretation of job? What comes to your mind when you hear the word – job? What do you think about it when you are soul searching? What is the reflection you normally get about it? For we Nigerians, or let me say significant number of us, what it mean to us is “what we would be getting paid for”. That’s why those Ministries, Departments and Agencies are the hot cakes we are lobbying to grab. Alas, as far as job is concerned, its literal meaning remains the same, but the economic and obvious situations of Nigeria have germinated for it a contextual meaning.

Hence, job should no more be what you would be paid for; it should be what you would be exchanging values for! A task you performed in order to add values to others and yourself. Yes, you heard me well. The real reason why our heads are full of what job we would take is the primacy of securing the future. And this is what the future is: “The future is just what you do with it now!” This implies that we can’t keep relying on the empty promises of those politicians, we should have the grasp of our fate and grapple it.

Job has now become something we have to dissect from being paid alone to showing what to be paid for. And by so doing, we are implying that the job we are to take are lying deep down inside us! The jobs we are to be doing are what we are passionate about. The jobs we are to be considering to take are the ones that will make us fulfill and productive. The jobs we are to create are the ones we established from what we are created for. The jobs we are to consider are the ones aligning with our values, poises and beliefs, not the ones the country’s situation is imposing on us – leave those ones!

We have people among us, who have identified their jobs but they are still suffering themselves by rushing to catch up with others. I may not have ever seen you but let me reveal your job to you: Your job is what your instincts tells you to keep doing. That is your area of authority. And if you dwell on it, you would be recognized, respected, hugely paid for it and you would be wealthy. Now ask yourself. Have I identified my job? Am I doing my job or other people’s job? If you are doing other people’s job, you will never be given what belongs to you, because that’s not where you belongs!

But luckily for you, you may be blessed by being someone that can fit in into any job (Mozart), for you to let that job manifest into what you are promised to be, consider these three things: Competence, Chemistry and Career Development. They are what career coaches have been advocating for as yardsticks for productive jobs. Let’s take them one by one.

Competence: Before you take that job, you have to consider your abilities, skills and commitment (this will be needed later) for that job. This yardstick is not what you alone should consider, those that want to give you that job will also evaluate your level of possession of this secret! You are not a digital/computer literate and you want to take a job in a technologically driven firm. You may consider it good because you will be paid for it, but the abuses and embarrassments you will be facing may be frustrating you and you won’t be happy with the job! The authority that you should be earning will become what you will be loosing. Someone once said, “competence is the dexterity you show for deserving or having a job.” Consider this please!

Chemistry: I heard someone saying the one we did in secondary school. Maybe. This one has to do with chemical components of the organs of your body. In the book “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari,” Julian Mantle revealed that one of the secrets of living a radiant life “is by identifying what you can do and be doing it uniquely.” Is that job compact with your values? Would it be getting you closer to your desires or taking you away from it? There should be elements of cohesiveness between you and that job! Let’s quickly do this: Your system (body) don’t like to be interacting with people and you are considering taking a customer service job. There is higher tendency that if you likely get the job, your character in doing that job won’t make you happy and fulfill in it. Instead of that, you would be a perfect fit in programming! Consider your chemistry. It goes a long way in how productive you would be in that job.

I want to assumed that we all watch the video of a lecturer screwing his students’ final year project. Without making any remarks, he would just take their models and either threw them away or matched them. That is chemistry at work. The lecturer should have been a security personnel those students have committed intellectual monstrosity and they are appearing to him like criminals, which he believed he had to crucify them!

Career Development: This is your career: “What you do with your current job!” That’s simply the magic. So for it to be developed, you have to do something remarkable and commendable with it. As a Corps Member, what did you do with your Place of Primary Assignment? How did you relate with the people there? What recommendations would you get from them? These are the things that modify your career if you are the type building one. There are jobs out there that don’t bring you the immediate rewards, but they would be positioning you for the echelon. They also worth being taken.

Career development is something that should ensure continuous and consistent growth in the job you are doing. It is something that would be helping you in expanding your reach. It is something that will indicate if you are truly living to your authority. It brings you elevations and sustainability in the path you are treading.

Now, before you take that job, justify the yardsticks above. To have a job demands more from you than who will give you that job. It was obvious that if you want to take a job, at least two of them must be in place – as it seems hard to get the whole. But the first two are what you should possess because they would earn you the third.

I’m Sulyman Sodeeq Abdulakeem, your fellow showcasing his job (Competence) by aligning it (Chemistry) with what would earn him elevations (Career Development).


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