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A good writer strives to produce functional and effective books that could help to improve the society better than he met it. This is done through finding solutions to the daily problems in the society.” – Yusuf Olaolu Ali

I was fascinated last week Wednesday – precisely on the 11th of December, 2019 – when a caption held me down to earth about the forthcoming Book Reading that was organised by YellowCabb Group, which is coming up at the Late Justice Mustapha Akanbi Library and Resource Center in Ilorin this past Saturday, 14th December, 2019. I was excited not because that would be first of its kind in Ilorin, but because the package that was attached to the program makes it a more promising one.

Down to the day of the Reading. As I got to the venue, I was approached by a gentleman who is cultured. After greeting eachother, he fired the first stroke: “Are you a writer?” I said, Yes. He fired on by enquiring another one: “Can I write?” – which will be the fulcrum of today’s message.

After answering the questions, I will like to raise some contentions today because, as my friend is being blocked by one or two factors on writing, there are also many people who don’t write at all because they have percieved writing as tedious as climbing the mountain.

The fact is, there is no one that cannot write, as long as you have message/messages to pass across and you can ensure clarity in getting it across to the audience through the right medium/media, believe yourself, writing is something you can do. As like other forms of arts that is embedded in expression of internal convictions, the mastery of writing can be learned, which would influences a writer’s proficiency.

Before you start writing, you have to ask yourself this basic question: Are you writing for a purpose or your purpose is writing? If you are writing for a purpose, it means you only write when the need arises which may makes you have high phobia for doing it regularly. But when writing is your purpose, then you will be doing it all the time because you will always be inflamed deep down inside you to write. With this, you will be crafty!

After you have done that, you will now identify the purpose your writing is meant to serve. (Though, there are other things to consider, but because this piece is intended to encourage people to write, working on purpose is a fundamental way to start). All writings are meant to serve one, two or more of the following purposes, but (I think) it is very hard to see a writing containing the whole following purposes. Let’s take the purposes one by one.

Educate: A piece of writing is meant to educate audience when its content is about exposing them to what will be of value to them. This piece is not limited to the one prepared for academic purposes alone, but also extend to any piece that reveals to us what we don’t know before and its content is imparting knowledge in us.

Inspires: This, and the next one are the most commonest purposes writing pieces are serving today. Pieces of writings fulfill this purpose when they impact how we think, awakens our consciousness, influence our mindsets and enables us to embark on the journey of self discovery and working on our inner self.

Motivates: Contrary to the conventional believe that inspiration and motivation are the same, I think they are not. A piece of writing that motivates is the one that challenges us to take action. It adds to our sources of energy and set us on motion to do something. If you are inspired, you will feel moved. But if you are motivated; you will be moved, you won’t remain the same.

Inform: The writing pieces that serve this purpose are those created with the aim of sharing trends, events and situations by backing them up with facts, which after proper analysis and interpretation, inferences can be drawn from them. We can’t do without these pieces of writings in our daily living.

Enlightens: A piece of writing serves this purpose if it is tailored towards sensitising and orientating the audience may be on how something should be done or what ought to be done in the case of eventual occurrence of event. Through this piece of writing, awareness is being created.

Entertains: A piece of writing serves this purpose if its content is about making the audience feel burbled, reduces stress, guides them on how to use their leisure time and relax; or on events, issues or gatherings where they can get rid of what is bothering their minds.

Do you now see that their is no one that cannot write as long as you are ready to craft your ideas and weave them with words in congruent and logical manner? Now, I believe you will make writing your companion by writing on your knowledge and skills. Don’t be discouraged that it won’t be read or it will be meaningless. Just make sure you have identified the purpose your writing is to serve. The more you do it, the more it becomes part of you!

Sulyman Sodeeq Abdulakeem;
writer and co-author of the book “Responsible Living: Live to Fulfill Your Potential.”