In the last episode I shared how parenting can be a causer of many failed lives. This episode will dwell on another causer of failed lives.

  • Peer group stimulus

Peer group is a vital part of human growth. This group awakens the mind frame of children to lots of things they naturally won’t bother about. There are few population of youngsters who do not enjoy the company friends. 

Humans are social animals.  There is an exceptional flow of joy and virtue when humans relate in a friendly environment. The more reason why humans get married and bears children is to expand their society. As social animals, cohabiting keeps us going and motivated.

Regardless of humans being social animals, and needing each other there are precautions to be considered. Not all birds fly, not all animals sit but they all are animals. It has become an adage that ‘in the gathering of twelve there is always a Judas’.

Humans are the most complex existing living thing on planet earth. Humans through its complexity has affected the world thus. Indisputably, we live in a world were trusting is a hard nut. We can hardly predict our neighborhood or does living within. We cannot tell what going on in the heart of those we call friends or colleague. This situation is not limited to adults only; child express this as well.

How do we know when and who to associate with?

There is no precise time for friendship or association. Humans cannot do without associating with one another, so therefore humans will always associate with humans.

Often, we make friends from around our surrounding. How does a child knows when the time is ripe for such association? Parents need to come on board on this one. It can be correctly put that children who suffer good parental guidance on association end up with corrupted ones. Most corrupted children emerge from this kind of homes.

Nonetheless, every child has the right to association and this must be denied by anyone. There are various ways to encourage or discourage your children in a relationship. A hundred percent participation is required from every parent. You must be ready to participate and oversee what activities your children engage in.

You can take up the position of being program manager for your children. Helping your children schedule their daily, weekly, monthly activities will go a long way to curb immoral association. You can also be a grand sponsor, giving them the assurance that their needs can be met when necessary. As a parent or guardian, sponsor the picnic, vacation, dates with friends of your children or ward.

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Make certain you win the trust of your children. Ensure that your children are aware of your support and security. Make it obvious that you are their number one fan at all time. Never be too soft and do not be a tough friend to your children. Understand that you cannot force your children to accept your principles, you can only try to make them see reasons with you. This is what friends do.