Every MAN is a product of FATE (Part I: Compendium).

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LOVE your work or leave it alone. You are setting up yourself for a nervous breakdown or heart attack if you continue to work at a job you hate and work at. Don’t just work for a wage, a salary or raise, work because you love what you are doing. Make your work fun and have fun with your work.

Theodore never left his bed in the morning without thoughtfully reading the quote he had pasted by his bedside. 

           “Theo! Theodore!!” He jumped out of his old rugged foam he called bed as his name continued to hoop in his ears. Without a second thought, he rushed out of his room.  

“It’s a misdemeanour to wake up late at my house.” Vera indicted.

Vera took a break. She was waiting to hear a reply from Theodore, and there was none. 

“If you are not comfortable with the laid down principles in my house, then I think you should consider packing your things out of my house.” 

Theodore tried to find his way out of her sight in a hurry, with his hands rubbing his sleepy eyes. 

“I’m sorry ma.”He continued to apologise aloud until he was out of sight.

He had oodles of duties to carry out every day before he is allowed to depart the house for school. One of such works was washing Vera’s car.

The morning chores

Washing Mrs Vera’s car is the vital job of the day. And this was to be done meticulously. 

While washing the car that morning, he kept on recalling the nightmare he had before cock-crow. It was clear that the nightmare was playing larks with his intelligence. 

All through the time, his brain tried to make sense of the reverie and proffer solution to them, the nightmare kept on becoming a more difficult conundrum to solve. 

In this nightmare, he saw himself been kidnapped alongside a schoolgirl he had never met. He pictured how the kidnappers shouted and frightened him with their guns and machetes. He unconsciously demonstrated it. 

To avoid arriving late to school and, been thrashed by Baba Ijebu’s brawny hands, he tried so hard to put behind him his nightmare to prevent the hideous effect of lateness. 

The School Bus

The school bus arrives at about 6:15 a.m and departures at 6:30 a.m. Students attending the same school as Theodore do not always want to miss the school bus for three sound reasons.  

The ultimate reason was Baba Ijebu. He was the vice principal of the school. He also was in charge of the school bus and students’ welfare. Theodore was always standing, occasionally sits close to the entrance door just to enable him to carry out his teasing acts without encumbrance. 

He might be considered iniquitous by students who are new to his intrinsic worth and attributes. Theodore had another reason why he must not miss the bus. This reason seemed to be his ultimate reason. 

Every MAN is a product of FATE

Written by: victor eshameh

If he does miss the bus, he will have to trek the narrow but busy road down to the next bus stop which is several miles away from home before he can get affordable transportation. 

Aside from this, he will also receive Baba Ijebu’s brawny hands on his back as punishment for missing the bus when he finally gets to school. These are three reasons any student who had been registered for the school bus must not attempt missing the bus.

Theodore walked up to Vera in her room as soon as he was through with his chores. He voiced out his reason for appearing before her immediately he pulled the door open.

Set for school

“I am set to leave for school ma.”

Vera was buckling Winifred’s shoes. Winifred and her brother, Rex, attended one of the best and expensive schools in the city. They dress in colourful uniforms and customised socks with black leather shoes. 

Vera loved this aspect of life so much. She always boasts of the fees she gets to pay each school terms for her two kids. She was also fond of competing with friends.

It was becoming a regular occurrence for Vera to delay Theodore from leaving the house at the appropriate time to catch up with his school bus. 

Once he misses the school bus, he would have no other choice than to use his daily lunch allowance to board a taxi to school. It is not as easy as it sounds. He would have to trek for several minutes to the next bus stop before he gets a taxi to school.

The Family

The family is a nuclear one with three children. Vera and her husband, Oscar, have been married for the past ten years and lived in their private home. There were two cars in the compound for private use. 

Oscar worked with the Ministry of Health while Vera owned a superstore. They both believed that the most important thing a marriage needed was enough money to take good care of the body and to buy expensive kinds of stuff.

When she finally got through with the kids, she looked around for her bag which she hid by the corner of her bed. 

Theodore moved closer at once. She searches through the bag slowly, careful enough not to muddle the things she had in her bag. 

Some Nairas for lunch

Finally, she drew out some naira notes which according to her instruction should be enough to pay for the monthly school bus fee and also to feed at the school cafeteria during the school break periods. 

“You can get two buns with this. Also, you might be lucky enough to get a sachet of yoghurt with your change and that’s if you care to.”

Theodore could no longer wait for her advice. He grabbed the money and hurried out of the room as fast as his legs could before he would be called back for another errand. 

The school bus departed at exactly 6:30a.m. He had already missed the possible opportunity of boarding the bus to school when he got to the main road. He had to trek to the next bus stop to get a taxi heading towards his school. 

The school is a great distance away from Theodore’s residence. It is impossible to trek to school. There were times Theodore had to hide within the house and pretend he had left the house for school then wait for Vera to leave for work before he left his hiding place back home. 

Despite the distance of the school from the town, parents were always attracted to the school. 

The School

The school is reputable for graduating more of the best secondary school students in the state. This was rated based on the outcome of the junior and senior secondary schools national examinations. 

Principals from other schools in and outside the state do come around Theodore’s school to spy at the activities going on within the school. The school principal once gave the scenario of what happened when the principal of an international school in the city visited; 

 “He was surprised at what he saw.”

They were hoping to see a big mansion school with well-fenced walls, magnificent gates and flowers all around. But the school was built with local bricks and suffered from lack of plastering. 

Its classes had wooden chairs. The white-dusty chalkboard was in use instead of the new generation whiteboard and marker.

Every MAN is a product of FATE (Part I: Compendium), Episode II coming up next, same time next week!