husbands and wives

Thanks be unto God the Father
for His great work in creating man.
God decided to reproduce Himself,
So He formed man with His hand.

God crowned man with His glory
and gave him dominion over the earth.
He made man a little lower than the angels
and honored him with great worth.

God endowed man with wisdom
so great things he would be able to do.
He made him in the likeness of Himself
so man could become a father too.

Creating man was God’s best work.
He gave him authority and great might
to provide for the needs of his family
and courage to face the darkest night.

We honor God for His creation
and for making man His masterpiece.
He is to be an extension of Christ Jesus
so God’s kingdom work will not cease.

So we salute fatherhood everywhere.
It is the highest position in the land.
It’s no greater honor than being called dad
and no greater foundation on which to stand.

© Lenora McWhorter