Few points to help fight depression

Few points to help fight depression

Many living today wish they were not here. I mean wish to die. But, sincerely wish there is something to live for. A large population of people alive today are suffering from depression and anxiety. Only a few are receiving therapy.

Two out of every five motivational speakers are only trying to inspire him/herself by inspiring others. This implies that we have depressed teachers, doctors, preachers, nurses, therapists, among many other helpers.

Several factors lead to depression. Likewise, several activities might pose as a way out but aren’t. Thinking, drinking, making friends, traveling, marriage, money, and material possessions among others cannot help you beat depression. They only suppress it for a while.

Understand these few points to help you fight depression

  • Make a strong determination never to be depressed. Constantly remind yourself about your determination.
  • Understand that you are different and never compare yourself to anyone.
  • Life is not a race. Appreciate your efforts regardless of your failures. Everyone fails, you are not going to be the first or last to fail.
  • Understand that progress is gradual. Progress is initiated by generating power from within, it doesn’t begin with taking physical steps.
  • Refuse to excuse yourself when others are moving forward. Don’t lose faith in yourself.
  • Understand that we all can succeed. No matter how bad yesterday was, it cannot destroy the good of tomorrow.
  • Also, understand that the capital you need to start up in life is not money but courage.

Lastly, remaining calm and cool in the face of problems enables you to think resourcefully, but reacting instantaneously might lead to confusion. Choose Life

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