bleeding hand

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to stay healthy and keep watch over loved ones. We have provided first aid tips for bleeding victims that can be handled from home during the lockdown. Examine the steps carefully and do not panic. Ensure you call for help immediately, and while you await help, follow the procedures below:

First aid is the first assistance or support to give to someone who is hurt or in need of medical attention.

Follow the steps below carefully. Do not panic. Try as much as possible to keep the injured person calm. In case the cut is a deep one, send for help at once.

How To Help Stop A Bleeding

  • If it is an external bleeding ensure you wear hand gloves.

1. Apply direct pressure

  • Place sterile dressing or clean cloth over the wound.
  • Apply firm steady pressure with your hand over cloth. If a cloth is not available, have the victim apply pressure over the wound with their own hand.
  • Use your bare hand only if absolutely necessary.

2. Elevate body part

  • If an extremity in bleeding occurs and a broken bone is not suspected – elevate above the level of the heart.

3. Apply pressure bandage

  • It maintains pressure and holds dressing in place.
  • If blood soaks through, apply additional dressing on top of the old dressing. Bandage more firmly.
  • If bleeding cannot be controlled – seek immediate medical attention.

In case of there is an impaled object

  • Do not remove the object.
  • Prevent movement by stabilizing object with bulky dressings and bandage dressings in place.
  • Seek immediate medical attention.

In case it is a nose bleeding:

  • Keep head tilted forward and avoid nose blowing.
  • Pinch nostrils firmly for at least ten minutes.
  • If bleeding persist seek medical attention.