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Giftedminds Writers Firm, a content and research firm in Nigeria, was established in 2016. The principal aim of the firm is to create creative contents for a wide range of products and services. Inclusively, the firm was established to provide heartrending literature for the consumption of vast literary lovers.

Since its establishment in April 19, 2020, the firm has been hired by various national and international organizations. The firm has also received nominations from across the globe.


In 2019, The Academic Union, Oxford, nominated Mr Victor Eshameh (CEO) as one of the key figure in the development of the regional economy for the prestigious title ‘Honorary Professor of the Academic Union Oxford’.

In 2019, Summit of Leaders recommended Giftedminds Writers Firm for the ‘Best Enterprise Award’. According to the committee, this award is as a result of the strong position of the firm on the international market and the desire to continue international expansion and the welfare of workers as well as the high quality of goods and customer satisfaction. The committee also recommended the CEO for the Manager of the Year medal.

In 2020, Achievement Forum UK selected Giftedminds Writers Firm as a nominee for the prestigious international honour – European Quality Award (UK). According to the committee, this award nomination was in accordance to the firm’s implementation of modern quality management; operation, production, and marketing efficiency; faultless reputation in business; eco-friendly level of production process; focus on customer and positive customer opinions among many others.


In order to improve the quality of service delivery, the firm embraced opportunities made available by the internet.

In 2018, the firm launched it online literary magazine. The online literary magazine known as Giftedminds Writers provides opportunities for both writers and readers of literature. The magazine provides readings on health, relationship, entrepreneurship, public opinions, short stories and poetry, ethics among many others.

In 2019, the firm launched its business development and marketing platform. The platform, Market Demand Media, helps start-ups with market research and product description. Essentially, the platform was created to resolve and meet market demands. We believe that only the right products get sold in the market. A company whose interest is in goods or services must understand the demand of the market. With our survey mechanisms, we have been able to run some market test to examine the best times and best locations for products and services.

In 2019, the firm launched its first brand of opinion airing journal, Voices Journal. Voices Journal also known as The International Journal of Emotions and Motion has just published it second edition in 2020. It is an annual publication that dwells on happenings and reactions of different people from different part of the world. Each year a subject (theme) is picked and submissions are opened to interested knowledgeable writers.

In 2020, as the spread of coronavirus gets to Nigeria, the firm launched it 24 hour and 7 days writing assistance, Hire a Writer. The platform, Hire a Writer is designed as a fast and reliable means of getting all writing in the business and academic writing niche met without hustle and bustle. The platform houses several samples and has a 24 hours online service agents. We also provide daily progress report to clients.


Aside from the aforementioned, Giftedminds Writers Firm kick started a voluntary enlightenment in 2016. The voluntary enlightenment program is a humanitarian centre in Giftedminds Writers Firm that takes care of the enlightenment needs of young adults. Initially, it was known as Giftedminds Voluntary College Enlightenment Program, but presently known as Giftedminds Enlightenment Centre. Our services are based on three orientations – service, participation and empowerment.

Within four year we have had six publications on online bookstores. We have impacted three schools with over one thousand adolescents. Within four years we have built an impressive network of writers and partners across Africa and other parts of the world.

In four years we have significantly pushed up and forward. The firm has a lot of task ahead as our mission is yet to be attained. In the next four year, we will be telling a more robust story, and as we head to ten years of existence and experience we hope to have fully built our edifies and name in the heart and mouth of every single individual who reads literature, produce goods and service and those that purchase items.


Our gratitude to everyone who stood by us through the journey of starting up; those who mentored and contributed in strength and wit to the achievement we now celebrate. My gratitude also goes to my friend and business partner, Luqman Sulyman who died this year. He was a good man.

As we look up ahead of time into the future, we assure you that we will be there come rain and come shine. And with God on our side, we will take every business comes our way and every piece of literature to the next best level.

It is with great pleasure that I wish the firm and all members and partners of Giftedminds Writers Firm Happy Four Years Anniversary.


Victor Eshameh

Founder and CEO

Giftedminds Writers Firm

Sunday, April 19, 2020