A happy marriage requires tremendous self-discipline and self-control. Love requires self-denial and sacrifice.

When you are truly in love with another person, that person’s happiness and well-being become more important than your own. You are willing to pay whatever price and make whatever sacrifices in order to ensure the well-being of the person you love.

Men and women are born to be halves that make up one whole. They have different qualities and characteristics that, when properly combined, achieve completion and balance and harmony that nature demands.

All of love, of any kind, is a response to value. We love what we most value, both in ourselves and others. When a couple is truly happy together, they seem to have very much of the same value regarding family, money, ethics, work, children, politics, religion and people.

However, this does not dispute the fact that, when you come together with another person in a loving relationship, no matter how close you feel to each other and how compatible, you both will have areas of disagreement, dissatisfaction, and discontent.

Because of the many differences between men and women, it takes tremendous discipline to build and maintain a long-term, loving and happy relationship.

Self-discipline requires that you be completely honest and open; that you be your self and never try to be someone or something else.

Love and marriage are perhaps the most important elements of a happy, fulfilling life. They require a lifelong exercise of self-discipline and willpower to create and maintain harmony; to be open, honest and candid at all times.