Healthiest way to cook eggs

Healthiest way to cook eggs

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Healthiest way to cook eggs image hdEggs are counted as the most versatile and extremely delicious super-food in the whole world. Apart from cholesterol, eggs contain an impressive and striking nutritional profile. They are an excellent source of proteins, vitamin A, minerals, iron and healthy fats. This universal food can be cooked in multiple ways and can easily combine with any other food of our choice. From cakes to omelettes, from casseroles to egg salad. You name it and the eggs have got it. The calories and fats obtained from the eggs solely depends upon how the eggs are being cooked. Well, if you are a health freak, you ought to be extra careful.

Eggs are the most versatile indulgences and can adapt wonderfully to your creative culinary skills very well. There are numerous ways through which delicious eggs are cooked. Here is an interesting list of different methods of cooking eggs ranked from healthiest to least healthy.

– Egg whites:

The yolk is the home to all the fats and if you want to completely cut down the level of fats in your diet, egg whites is the way to go.

-Hard boiled:

The healthiest form of cooking. Here the egg yolk is not exposed to air and high heat so this way, the cholesterol does not damage and the eggs are properly cooked.


Through poaching, you need to ensure that the yolks are properly cooked. Biotin present in the eggs which helps in aiding growth of nails and hair functions only when the yolk is thoroughly cooked.


Traditionally, the scrambled eggs are made with cheese, milk or skimmed milk. If you replace milk or cheese with water, you are going to get the same fat and calorie count as the hard boiled egg.


Not that healthy option of cooking eggs, but if you prefer a healthy oil, such as olive oil, then it might not be that harmful for you unlike the eggs made in refined oils.

The healthiest option of cooking may be hard boiled eggs or poached eggs. But, it is okay, sometimes you should go for a cheat day and indulge in your favourite eggs in any way you want, be it cheesy scrambled eggs or deliciously fried omelettes. Happy eating!

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