Large numbers of snails in a garden or farmland can quickly become a serious problem.

Snails are nocturnal. They look for sources of food during the night or during the early hours of the morning.

They consume more food at the colder months. This is so they can store up fat reserves to live on while they hibernate during the winter.

They will consume enough of what grows in a garden or farmland and ruin the hard work put into the area.

Gardeners do all they can to prevent snails from consuming the foods that they are growing.

To be more humane, many that have gardens or farms strive to trap the snails that are in the vicinity rather than killing them.

They either release them back into new environments or they will sell them as a source of food.

Some of the easiest ways to trap them is to place lids from jars with beer in them in the garden.

Farmers with larger land have come up with other ways of preventing snails from damaging their crops.

This involves placing 6 inch screens of copper on the ground.

The slime from the snails doesn’t seem to mix very well with the copper. This cause snails to stay away from the foods growing on the farm. This process has been very successful.