Your life isn’t about a big break. It’s about taking one significant life-transforming step at a time.” — Oprah Winfrey

As the COVID-19 outbreak is becoming properly managed, it seems the world and its inherents are now shifting from its challenges as governments and other policy makers are relaxing lockdowns and curfews. To simplify our impressions and perceived pains of the moment, COVID-19 pandemic has changed our world forever!

Despite the disruptions and uncertainties we have witnessed when the virus was at its peak, it is interesting to note that some people have broken grounds in their life quest.

As that moment posed threat to survival and sustainability of businesses, it is befuddling to some people to understand why and how some people still thrives.

Shane Parrish said, “Life is simple, but not easy. The problem is we want life to be easy, which makes it complicated.”

What this leadership expert is trying to tell us is that, moments like these have to be strategically and methodically approached. This calls for charting new courses and reaching a new heights by exploiting the opportunities accompanying such trying times.

You have to be leading your life in a reigniting, reinventing, transforming way. To do this, you can take the following tasks as the metrics for which a new life:

Take the Task of Self-Identity: Self-identity will become an invaluable asset to anyone as people will be struggling to meet up with the new normal. Those who have identified themselves, their attributes, traits, characters and personality type will find it easy to make decision that will be of value to them in the new beginning. Take it upon yourself to discover your gifts, talents, strengths and weaknesses. These will make you unravel what is meant for you, while others are yet struggling to get back on their feet.

Overcome Your Past: One of the most challenging circumstances that holds people back are the unfortunate events, incidences and experiences of the past. It can stiffled craftiness, creativity and innovation. It has also helped people to relaunch themselves on the path of purpose and admirable living. Regardless of whatever you have been through in the past, take courage to overcome it and use it for your advantage. 

Have You Learn Any Lesson(s) From Your Past?: Here is another probing question that should ask yourself. Anyone who wants to leverage on the challenges of life’s storms and uncertainties must be able to answer this question. Your past didn’t just happen to break you apart, it happened to refine you the best way possible. For you to rise to the status of reckoning in the post COVID-19 pandemic, you must have picked things you have learned from life’s expedition.

What Decisions Have You Made From Your Past?: Every lessons learned from your past have to trigger you to resolve and settle for something better. Your reactions after every mistake determines the effects of the mistake (positive or negative effects). Thus, you must ensure that what you are not settling for less.

Dare to Fail: To flourish in the post COVID-19 pandemic era, you will have to stare at failure and challenge it without remorse. Don’t just sit back claiming with folded arms and troubled face scared to try. Daring failure is a decision you have to come in terms with during this period.
Dan Pederson cautioned, “What you choose has already chosen you. Don’t ignore its call. Don’t let fear of failure, fear of success, or the fear of what others will think of you stop you from living the life you’ve been called to live.”

Expand Your Network: As per the common quote by John C. Maxwell that “Your network is your net worth,” this is one of the requisites that can help us traverses the wave of failure. Nature has been blessed with many people who have made brilliant decisions and doing everything possible to tackle failure, but their success stories are short circuited, maybe because they don’t know the right person or that they haven’t meet their destiny activators – who can help them reach the pinnacle of their destiny.

Reach for the Peak: This is the ultimate task that should be taken by anyone who wants to thrive and flourish in the post COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns. You don’t have to follow the crowd in anything you are doing; you may not be the one that sets the pace for others to explore, your interest may not go beyond few coverage, but you must not settle for less in whatever you have settled for. Don’t just hold the ladder, take steps as you are on the ladder so that you can reach for the top of it.

I don’t want to dispute it that some people have become successful before the COVID-19 and they will remain successful after its lockdowns, but I want to reiterate it that the post COVID-19 pandemic lockdown brings a lot of opportunities for people who are ready to fully bloom in their destiny, set a new beginning and rise to a new height. Barack Obama, the former president of the United States aptly submits that “No matter how successful one has been, there is always much to do, more to learn, more to know and more to achieve.”


Sulyman Sodeeq Abdulakeem is a Librarian, Writer who co-authored the book “Responsible Living: Live to Fulfill Your Potential.”