I want to pretend it’s not true
I don’t want to start another fire
I don’t want to give my heart away to another stranger

I have a heart and I have desires
I guess these make up my heart desires

However life is not fair
Regardless I’ve no fear
I still smile when I think about you
I find it hard to picture my world without you in it
But sometimes we have to graduate, grow up or embrace change
Or any other excuses people give for neglecting each other

What we have is memories
Cos what we shared was memorable

So for the rest of the days you are away from me and I from you
I chose to feed my mind with the memories of you and I

And if ever our paths cross again
And there is a bench
We will sit for a while while we await the morning train

We are so lucky to have a world to live in
I don’t know what the dead would say
So I won’t allow us pollute the earth with our frowns and anger
For if love is war, where would I find peace?

“If love is war, where would I find peace” is written by Victor Eshameh (May 7, 2020)