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K. A. Williams is cooking up something and here is a taste of it

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One minute Hazel was looking in the mirror then the next she was slapped so hard across the face, all she was able to see was the red of the afterlight of staring into the mirror.

K.A Williams who just celebrated her 18th publication has just released an unedited excerpt of something you should look forward to from the desk of Author K.A Williams.

Let’s take a look at this excerpt below:

“Take that shit off, you’re not going out the house in that,” Nate took a drag of his blunt and leaned back on the couch.

Hazel walked over and stood in front of him with her hands resting on her hips; Nate was always trying to control what she does and wear. In the beginning, he allowed her to be free but the deeper she got in his life over the few months span the more he showed his vindictive ways. He got with her in a vulnerable time in her life and he was using it against her.

“Man are you serious? We’re going out to a fucking club and you want me to look like somebody’s grandmother?” Hazel shifted all her weight to one leg.

“Bitch you heard what I said. I don’t feel like being tried tonight either, so you best get that ass back up in that room and change,” Nate blew the smoke out through his nose.

“Whatever, maybe you should be with some ugly bitch that doesn’t get any attention out there,” Hazel took quick strides back to the bedroom to change while mumbling.

Instead of the see-through white black jumpsuit that Nate wasn’t fond of, Hazel decided on a more casual approach that he wouldn’t have a problem with.

“I can’t keep putting myself through this,” Hazel wiped the red lipstick off her lips while she stared in the mirror at a reflection that was nothing how she remembered, Nate was pulling her down and turning her into his puppet. She would’ve gone to war with God behind Nate because before, he was the only man that really showed he cared to some degree.

One minute Hazel was looking in the mirror then the next she was slapped so hard across the face, all she was able to see was the red of the afterlight of staring into the mirror.

“Get a mothafuckin attitude with me like that again. Done lost your damn mind. I let you stay here to get you away from your alcoholic daddy, I took you in,” Nate still held the blunt in his hand from earlier.

Hazel backed against the wall with her hand covering her face as tears trickled down her cheeks, Nate had the worse temper in the world and she knew that before they got serious. But she never thought he would lay a finger on her to harm her. And she had it in her head that nothing could be worst than what she went through with losing her sister and being abandoned by her mother and having to deal with her stupid ass daddy.

“I’m sorry,” she summoned through the tears.

“Damn right you’re sorry, now get on your knees and please me you lil slut,” Nate said.

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