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On Tenterhooks

It is much easier not to read the lines of this chapbook than to read it. Because what you find in here might melt your heart away. Actually, On Tenterhooks was created for this. It tells the story of life and love from the scratch through the kismet and the journey of a teenager.

On Tenterhooks searches through life and examines what fate is. Though poetry, On Tenterhooks paints a continuous picture with each poem from the beginning to the end illustrating the need to live and the importance of love to being alive. In this context, life cannot be fully lived if love is not at it center. The poet, Victor Eshameh made this chapbook more of his love life experience; uncovering how to revive a broken heart and how to forge ahead searching for another opportunity to love again. This piece also bears in mind the presence and power of fate in choosing a life partner and how to stick and play around your fate.

On Tenterhooks is suitable for all teenagers and lovers.


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Victor I. Eshameh

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