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We are looking for creative writers with strong points and great thoughts; writers who can move people into an emotional state.
Poetic Regime 2019


Poetic Regime is an international poetic movement; the largest and widest reached annual showcase of words and poets introduced by Giftedminds Writers Firm. Giftedminds Writers Firm is delighted to present Poetic Regime Nigeria. The concert is open to any creative writer or poet above the age of 15.

Creative writers (poets and essayists) will meet a large audience of poetry lovers, mentors, media brands, promoters, record labels, and companies in Poetic Regime. The most enjoyed poets will be selected to join the Poetic Regime tour team and will be open up to mentorship, media promotions, among many other deals.

Literature critics, investors, music brands, media and show promoters and business personals will be there to meet the outstanding poets.

Our event’s objective is to gather start-up creative writers to meet and create a large fan base and also get endorsement opportunity from mentors, investors, and others. Our aim is to ensure that every creative writer gets recognition, acknowledgement, and reward for creativity and hard work.

This is why we have managed to put at your disposal this opportunity to join the legendary literature Hall of Fame.

Poetic Regime is a day concert of top-notch poetry reading and spoken word with artistic performances, workshops, and more in the heart of Ibadan city.

Please keep in mind that, unfortunately, we are not able to provide room for all creative writers this year. However, we would be more than glad to have the very best of creative writers on our stage.


1. Submission:
We are looking for creative writers with strong points and great thoughts; writers who can move people into an emotional state. Individual is permitted to submit five (5) entries while a group of 3 (max) is permitted to submit seven (7) entries.

2. Reading Fee:
A reading fee will be charged before your entries would be read and passed for approval. A reading fee of ₦1,000 will be charged for individual entry and ₦1,500 for group entry.

3. Selection:
Selections will be made base on the authenticity and preference of message passed. We are very concern about the relevance of your subject of discuss to the present situation in the society. Offensive, insults and political scheme will be disqualified.

4. Declaration:
It will take 30 days before you will be notified on the outcome of your entries.

5. Finalists:
All finalists will be announced on our website after all submissions have been read and approved. Finalists will also receive a congratulatory call, text and mail via their available means of communication.


  • Participants will be given the permit to sell their products ranging from books, tapes, CDs or customised wears and wares that are aimed at promoting your brand.
  • Participants who would like to play instruments while performing should indicate that in the form under the title, “Additional Information”
  • Participants who have light instruments such as flute, organ, guitar, trumpet, etc. can come with it on stage. Other instruments such as local drums, drum set, piano, and studio mix will be available on stage.
  • Participants can perform a sole performance (monologue) and duet performance (2 persons) or trio performance (3 persons) for a dialogue.

For registration, click here…

For reading fee, click here… this should be made after registration.

Checkout Poetic Regime layout:

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