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Poetic Regime 2019

poetic regime 2019

Poetic Regime is an international poetic movement; the largest and widest reached annual showcase of words and poets introduced by Giftedminds Writers Firm. Giftedminds Writers Firm is delighted to present Poetic Regime Nigeria. The concert is open to any writer or poet above the age of 15.

Poetic Regime is a day concert of top-notch poetry reading and spoken word with artistic performances, workshops, and more in the heart of Ibadan city.

Applicants must be above 15 years old
Guides for Applicants

  • Poems must be in English
  • Poems should have a real-life focus or context.
  • Poems must be submitted online via our email address
  • Audio entries of work on mp3 or .wma are accepted and must be accompanied by a written version of the work
  • Applicants must be ready to submit at least three poems and at most five


  • Poems should have a real-life focus or context.
  • Poems must be your original work.
  • Poems must have a title with either a prologue or closing note
  • Monologue or dialogue conversations are acceptable for performance
  • Poems already submitted and judged cannot be altered after submission.
  • The decisions of Poetic Regime Nigeria committee is final


  • Participants are permitted to come along with their books or audio CDs for sale
  • Participants will be meeting with a larger audience and thereby building a strong fan base
  • Participants will be opportune to meet with publishers and record labels
  • Participants stand a chance to be the face of Poetic Regime Nigeria
  • Three best artiste of the day goes away with cash prices


1st April, 2019 – 30th April, 2019
Further Information

For more information you may visit the official webpage of Poetic Regime

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