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Poetic Regime 2019

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Poets and other literature writers are about to gain the attention of Nigerians, Africans and the entire world.

Giftedminds Writers Firm begins plan for it maiden edition of Poetic Regime. Poetic Regime is to be the biggest and most connected gathering of poets, essayists and lovers of literature.

Victor Eshameh speaking on Poetic Regime 2019 The president of the firm, Victor Eshameh, speaking at the first seating with the planning team said that, ‘Poetic Regime is the taking over of entertainment scene by poets. According to him, poets and other literature writers are about to gain the attention of Nigerians, Africans and the entire world, and this program is structured in a way to bring all creative writers around the world to face the largest audience of fans and lovers of literature. He further mentioned that, participating artists will duly benefit financially and otherwise from this program.

Registered poets and essayists for Poetic Regime are to submit their entries on or before the end of April 2019 while the Poetic Regime concert will come up in October 2019. The concert has been declared open for partnership, sponsorship and promotions. Speaking with the concert manager, he said, ‘online registration form has been created for both poets, essayists, partners and sponsors.

Individuals, companies and literary organizations interested in participating, sponsoring and partnering with the program should contact Poetic Regime Organizing Committee. Poetic Regime promises to be the largest ever held poetic concert.

  • To participate as poet or essayist click here to obtain your form
  • For sponsorship, partnership and promotions click here to make inquiry.

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