Roman army

The Roman Army invented a method of warfare that persisted for 2000 years.

Its troops were rigorously trained and exercised and divided into small detachments under the control of officers.

Roman soldiers wore effective armour, and develop tactics that allowed them to fight successfully against almost any enemy.

They were particularly good at defence. They used close ranks and protect themselves with large shields. These shields deflected arrows and spears until they reached close quarters and could use their own weapons.

The group of soldiers shown above was called the ‘tortoise’ formation and it proves to be impregnable against their Celtic foes.

Roman’s Break Down Most of Their Empire

It soon became evident that the Roman Empire was far too big to survive in its original form.

A huge civil service and army were needed to maintain the empire, and these became extremely expensive.

Also, there were numerous rebellions in different parts of the empire, mostly headed by army commanders with designs on becoming emperor.

Eventually, in AD 284, Emperor Diocletian broke the Roman Empire into smaller self-government units, each with its own army.

The whole empire was split into two sections: Eastern and Western. Eventually, the Roman Empire was weakened to such an extent that it was successfully attached and overrun by invading barbarians.