The concept of fear and failure

The first thing and the most important thing I’ll want to stick to your mind today is that there is no such thing as impossibility. The things that are yet to be possible in your life right now are the things you fear to embark on. In other words, fear exists; impossibility does not. 

In life, the things you consider impossible are the same things others are doing well in. If you think it is impossible to graduate as a First Class student in your department; there are those who have and there are those who will. 

If you think it is impossible to excel in life because you are unable to obtain western education; some have excelled without classroom education and some still will. 

If you think not having sufficient fund in your bank account is limiting your exploit; some have succeeded without their money and some still will. 

What is your imagination?

Have you ever imagined what the world believed about the moon until a man got there? I heard of people who worship the moon, don’t know people still do. 

Have you imagined what the world believed about motion and transportation until wheels and vehicles were developed?

Have you imagined the impossibility in the hearts of many about humans flying in the air until man developed aircraft?

Have you considered how the world lived until someone thought of lighting the world through electricity? 

Big imaginations require hefty confrontation. We live in a world where everything and anything is achievable.

The only thing stopping most of our outstanding ideas and imaginations is the fear we allow to overcome our thoughts. 

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Humans are currently so scared to take a risk. We have resorted to looking for the quickest and shortest way up; we so desperately want to boycott as many as possible tasks, requirements and sacrifices. 

Hardly do we have discoveries and invention in the world today. Everyone is recycling what has already been discovered. 

Our so-called entrepreneurs

Regrettably, we have scientists, researchers, historians, physicians and geographers who have nothing to offer. Rather they either dwell on recycling class theories or improving existing discoveries (products), to create a competitive market than a productive market. 

In my part of the world, there are only a few entrepreneurs. Majority of those in business are jacks of all trade and not entrepreneurs. 

Our so-called entrepreneurs keep moving from one trade to another just in search of profit and nothing less. That is why in most cases a particular “entrepreneur” in Nigeria might have been involved in the sales of juice and wine, sales of leathers, sales of car spare parts etc. at a different point in time in the space of ten to fifteen years. 

The limiter of human in his pursuit for satisfaction and accomplishment is nothing other than fear. Once fear gets a hold on the vital part of your thought, hardly will you be able to think out of the box. The result of fear is what we call failure. 

Unfortunately, failure comes in various forms and sizes. Something happened in my life recently, and this helped me understand better the concept of fear and failure. 

What is my definition of fear? 

Fear doesn’t mean you are incapable; it only means you are yet to make up your mind on what to do. Fear is natural; every man possesses fear in various proportions regardless of your phobia. 

Fear is humans’ way of ensuring caution; having a second thought; or ensuring preparedness before embarking on a task. 

In essence, fear is not all that a bad omen. The fear of God brings you to the consciousness of God and His commandments. The fear of losing your job enhances your work performance. The fear of being persecuted enhances your discipline; keeps you law-abiding. 

On the other hand, if your fear makes you indecisive or limits your productivity you need to read this to the end. 


Every successful man or woman, girl or boy is a risk-taker; this fact you must understand. There is a whole lot of “what ifs” in every decision you take in life. 

There are times when I loved to take some professional programs, but I would ask myself ‘what if I fail?’ In the end, most of my peers who went in for the program usually return with good remarks. 

Regrettably, I started my master’s degree program with the same kind of fear. My first semester took the hit. 

Coping with stress

There are so many other opportunities that I have intentionally missed just for the reason of fear. There is numerous writing, poetry and storytelling contest has arrived my mail over the year. Most times I do not bother to read them. I fear I might lose self-confidence and self-esteem if I compete and do not win. Well, that could only mean I do not trust my writings enough. 

Do you think your thoughts are mere fantasy?

Don’t be too careful about anything. Think about this; there are several things you had thought of doing this year, how many have you accomplished? All the things you have envisioned to achieve this year, the majority of it still reside in your mind without realization. 

Some of those inspiring thoughts you have discarded as fantasy, someone somewhere is working day and night to see it through. I read a post by an entrepreneur recently he noted that there are several talents in the world thinking of the same thing each day. You are not the only one with the idea, several other people have the same idea you have been thinking of however, only a few will see it through. 

My mountain climbing experience

On Thursday 13th August 2020, my mother took us (children) for mountain climbing. The mountain we visited is one of the highlands in the city of Ilorin. I have quite familiar with the mountain. For four years I have travelled by the mountain almost frequently while I was in university. Getting to the foot of the magnificent mountain, I was so excited and wanted to start climbing at once. 

Shockingly, less than 30 steps on the mountain I was already overwhelmed by fear. I knew I was not going to fall off the mountain, but I just couldn’t let go of the thoughts of what might happen if I fall. “What if I fall off the mountain?” “My feet might miss a turn and then I will lose hold of the mountain and break my leg or spinal cord.” Just too many thoughts on my head, this was enough to pull me down the mountain. 

The concept of fear and failure

I sat down immediately and couldn’t find myself up on my feet again. I had to crawl down the mountain. When I got down I watched my younger ones climb the mountain happily without stress. This is where I got the concept of fear and failure. You will fail once you accept defeat. I refused to be defeated by my fears. I told myself if others can climb this mountain and reach the top, I will too. With the encouragement of my mum, I did climb to the top of the mountain. Yeah! 

All the negative thoughts I had while climbing could have come across the mind of others too. They might have also considered the same “what ifs”, but they refused to be intimidated by the stronghold of fear. I could have lived the rest of my life remembering and regretting the opportunity I had to climb the mountain top. 

In summary, what you fear doesn’t mean impossible, it is just a limiter your mind decides to place on you. If you are ready for an extraordinary exploit, you have to convince your mind that you are ready if you do; your mind and heart will be ready to support you. 

All the best in your endeavours. 

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