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The Devil Drinks Alcohol

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Behind those eyes,
who would see the pain that lies inside,
secrets she only wish she could deny.
But don’t runaway little girl,
don’t runaway.

When she feels the world doesn’t care,
trying to hide beneath her hair,
wondering is she could just disappear.
But don’t runaway little girl,
don’t runaway.

Yelling and screaming around her head,
as she excuses herself early to bed,
“Who cares!” they said.
But don’t runaway little girl,
don’t runaway.

Walking to school black and blue,
nobody knows what she’s been through,
except for he who has done this has a clue.
But don’t runaway little girl,
don’t runaway

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She’s got a jumper, she’s got a pillow,
she heads towards that dreary window,
with shattered dreams she has to go,
and leave behind all her woe.

With a single tear down her face,
as she leaves that house as a disgrace.
She’s taken her scars can’t you see?
The invisible marks hacked in by thee

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For all those who live in fear,
I’ll let you know we are here.
I know you must feel scared and alone,
but we will find you a place called home.

When you cry don’t hide,
because we will be here by your side.
With a listening ear and a helping hand,
we will try to understand

© Chontelle

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