Literature, Poetry

The face of sadness

It’s happened again.

The moment when I thought nothing would go wrong,
That everything would be alright,
That there was nothing to worry about,
That everything was perfect.

But just like those other times,
It didn’t last.
Another moment in life,
Another piece to the puzzle.
Slowly completing,

And showing its face.

The face that I’ve been longing to see.
The face I was always aware of,
The face I’ve been waiting for,
The face I’m conscious of.

Suddenly exposed into my eyes and heart.

I stare motionless,
Although expected, still surprised.
Calmly, patiently, warmly, silently, soothingly,
Able to realize that this is what I was sent to discover.
Sent to vividly recognize what this is all about.

Not a game but another rationally humane way of living,
Just another part I must adjust to.
And when the end suddenly appears,
I’ll be proud to say that I learned something in life.
Proud to say that I learned something, thanks to you.

Proud to say I saw the face and learned about it.

Proud to say that that face was introduced by you,
Fed by you,
And lived by you.