The only regret I have is having to live tomorrow,
For my past is full of sorrow,

I fought my battles so far away,
For queen and country until that fateful day.

Upon my return I was full of joy,
I could not help it, but felt my heart glow.

Never had God bestowed me with such a gift
Than when he gave me my two little angels, his ultimate gift.

My girls were my everything, my world, my life, my love,
A family made in heaven send from above.

I did not know what to expect that day,
When daddy came home from wars so far away.

The door I opened wasn’t the same,
When daddy could hear mummy upstairs getting carried away.

There were my two little angels on the bedroom floor,
Looking at daddy with tears so sore.

No battle field could compare with this,
When my eyes caught that glimpse that ended all of this.

Covers moved a man appeared,
Screams ran out and he disappeared.

My eyes grew heavy as I looked at the floor,
I stared at my little angels once more.

Ten years have gone since that day.
A Marine lost who never did find his way.

I still fight my wars each and every day.
Just no guns, but instead, just tears of pain.

Lost forever in the fog of war,
No way out to ever go home.

© Reb