Using Isopropyl alcohol to fight bedbugs

The first thing that comes to mind at the mention of the word “alcohol” is the diverse alcoholic drinks that people consume to satisfy themselves.

However, alcohol being discussed here is different from ethyl alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol is a type of alcohol that must not be consumed. The consumption of isopropyl alcohol can be very dangerous and can lead to internal bleeding, and then death. It is like committing suicide.

Isopropyl alcohol also called rubbing alcohol can serve as a disinfectant, which means it has the potency to kill bacteria within a few seconds. This makes it perfect for cleaning different surfaces in the house. Isopropyl alcohol also can kill bugs very fast. Bugs in the house could be cockroaches, ticks, spiders, earwigs, mosquitoes, bedbugs, etc.

How effective is Isopropyl Alcohol?

Isopropyl alcohol has proven to be more effective than pesticides developed for the eradication of bugs if properly used. Most times, pesticides prove effective than Isopropyl alcohol, this is because Isopropyl alcohol requires direct contact to be 100% effective. Bugs hide in cupboards, bookshelves, bedsides, and other places where they cannot be seen. This is the major reason why isopropyl alcohol seems ineffective when it comes to the eradication of bugs. This explains why many people prefer going to pesticides instead of Isopropyl alcohol.

Nevertheless, Isopropyl alcohol can work for you. Elimination can be very simple and easy if you’re smart. Isopropyl alcohol has the ability not to only kill bugs, but also to destroy their hundreds of eggs.

Isopropyl alcohol can be well utilized by following the steps below:

Identify Those Areas Where Bugs Hide in Your House

There are some particular areas in the house where bugs reside. These places are their hideouts/home where they lay eggs and store their food. You have to understand their nature to be able to eliminate them. A spider, for example, hides in the corner of cupboards, and behind furniture. They are rarely seen during the day. They are more active at the night than during the day. A cockroach hides mostly in the kitchen, rooms, or toilet.

Cockroaches are mostly found under and inside the cupboards in the kitchen, underneath clothes in the wardrobes, and behind open tiles in the toilet. They are not also far from the dining. If you use a wooden dining table, check all the edges under your table.
One funny thing about cockroaches is that you may not know you have one in the house until you have deprived yourself of sleeping in the night.

Once they detect that everywhere is dark and quiet, they leave their hiding places to operate. It is like taking over the empty rooms from the owner at night. Don’t be surprised if you wake up at night to discover you have thousands of them living with you in the house. They go back to their hideouts once it is morning. This is why it may be impossible for you to come across them during the day. If ever you come across them, then maybe just one or two of them. This is why you must rinse anything you pick from the kitchen before use.

Mosquitoes are mostly found on ceilings, in drawers, under the beds, in cupboards, on the wall, and in nets. They are bloodsuckers. Bedbugs on the other hand like the name implies are only found around the bed. They hide in the corners of the bed and are very active at night. They suck the blood of their prey and can live for more than nine months without food. This is why many people wake up with itchy soft bumps all over their bodies. These bumps are different from the ones mosquitoes leave on their prey. If you have been noticing these bumps on your skin, be sure your bed is bedbug-infested.

Get your Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and spray container

You can get your Isopropyl alcohol at any pharmacy store, cosmetic store, or supermarket around you. It is widely known as rubbing alcohol. You can as well get your spray container from these stores.

Prepare your solution

Wear your nose mask and gloves, mix your Isopropyl alcohol in little water and shake gently.

Spray the areas you have identified

The last phase is to spray the areas where the bugs hide. This phase requires extra care. Make sure to spray these areas until it has sunk into every part. Don’t forget, it only works when it has come in contact with the bugs.

Dangers of Using Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol is highly flammable, and this is the major reason why the user is not encouraged. It is a fact that it dries quickly, but this doesn’t change anything. The vapor that escapes in the air can create a fire hazard. Apart from the vapors in the air, the surfaces that have come in contact with the Isopropyl alcohol are also can catch fire easily if a fire is brought near to them.

There’s the story of a man who got his Isopropyl alcohol from a shop very close to his house. His house was infested by a different type of bug. He didn’t take it seriously until he was about to receive some visitors.

In an attempt to cover his shame, he got the Isopropyl alcohol, and the next day, he was ready to use without any preventive measure or guide. He sprayed the whole house and was done in less than an hour.

Unfortunately, one of his children innocently went to the kitchen to put something on fire. Just as he struck the match, the whole house caught fire, killing every single member of the family. This is how dangerous Isopropyl alcohol is. You must take extra precautions when using it. It is recommended that you hire an expert to help carry out the exercise. Hiring may be expensive, but it is very safe.

Ultimate Solution

The best way to prevent or eliminate bugs in your house is simply by keeping everywhere clean. You should have a basket where you keep your dirty clothes. These clothes shouldn’t be kept for a long time and these are why you need to get rid of them as soon as possible. Clothes, bedsheets, and mattresses must be kept neat. Most people are used to eating in their rooms; this is not bad as long as crumps that fall from your plates are taken care of immediately.

Your kitchen is another part of your house which needs utmost care. Before you go to sleep, ensure your kitchen is neat. Dirty dishes shouldn’t stay in your zinc overnight. A dirty kitchen invites cockroaches.

To round it up, the whole of your house must be neat always. You must have good window nets to prevent mosquitoes from coming in. This does not only keep bugs away but also helps you stay healthy.

Note: Isopropyl alcohol is not meant for consumption. The only alcohol with no toxicity is ethyl alcohol (ethanol). Any other alcohol aside from ethanol is harmful. Isopropyl alcohol can kill a human within a few minutes. If you ever have a reason to purchase Isopropyl alcohol, make sure you keep it in a cool place, take the necessary precautions before and after use, and keep it out of the reach of children.