He drifts in
like the gentleness of a stream.
It all happens
so fast.
Wake up…
it’s not a dream.
Before you know
you’re giving and he’s taking.
But you are blind
to this deception,
as he uses his insecurities
as a weapon.
This “poor man,”
he says that he needs your love.
But you also have needs
that need to be taken care of.
He makes everything seem
like it is all your fault.
And you accept it
with a grain of salt.
You lose the meaning
of what life is all about.

Wake Up, It's Not A Dream image hd
You’re falling
and you can’t get out.
When you give away
your soul to someone else
he makes you
his little wallflower on the shelf.
You fight
and you don’t even know how it started.
Your heart aches…
you have parted.
He begs for your forgiveness
…and you go back.
You love,
you’re insecure,
waiting for the next attack.
I never knew that love
was so mean.
Wake up. . . it’s not a dream.

Wake Up, It’s Not A Dream © Pamela Stackhouse-Huff