A cousin brother raped his cousin sister because he was obsessed with her. He paid a friend to accept the rape when the entire family got to know about it.   The truth can not be kept forever.

Cousin sister became pregnant. Cousin brother still loves her but his friends advise him to poison her to death. He is in a dilemma.  Cousin sister was aware of the repeated rape.

After the first rape, sometimes she purposely seduce cousin brother as she lie exposing her sensitive parts and pretending she was asleep, but she wouldn’t talk about it.

She was also a secret admirer but she had believed custom and tradition wouldn’t let them be, until fate did. She was also conscious that cousin brother might try something stupid. So every attempt to poison her was in vain.  Cousin Brother finally confess to cousin sister that he is responsible for the pregnancy. He then begged her for abortion. His fear was that when the baby is giving birth to, the child might just look like him. And this will raise another question in the family.  Cousin sister refused. She is scared that she might just die in the process.

Suddenly she went missing. Three days later, she wrote cousin brother a text message asking him to confess his deeds to both families within four days else she will kill herself and frame it on him. Cousin brother explains to friends and they all promised to support him in the trying time.

Cousin brother met with his siblings on the third day to confess to them. There after both families met on the forth day to listen to him.

Cousin sister walked into the house during the confession. They both pled guilty but furthermore asked for the permission to get married.


Their grandma came to the city as her grandchildren were no longer going to see her in the village. There and then she heard of what had happened between her two daughters’ children. Now she would explain why it is an abomination for cousins to get married.


The two lover eloped to another part of the country to start a new life.

Cousin brother became a drop out and cousin sister was too weak to seek for an employment. Cousin brother had to join boys in the garage and at night he goes to the car wash to wash cars.

Their new life wasn’t easy. Cousin sister fell ill and refused to go back home to her parents even when cousin brother insisted.

One day, he walked home and met cousin sister lying lifelessly on the floor.  Cousin brother thought she had died, he blamed himself for failing her and putting her through all she had to go through in life.

He went straight to the kitchen and pulled out a knife and stab himself.  When it was evening cousin sister regained consciousness, she looked by her side and saw cousin brother in the pool of blood. She blamed herself of making him face life the hard way. She pulled out the knife from cousin brother and then slit her throat.

Both dies.