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What I Will Tell My Future Children

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My dear children,
In case i forget to, am too proud or too afraid or it is too late for me to tell you, I’d like you to read this from me…..
……from the mother who, if hasn’t done anything, has atleast tried

Dear children,
when you will enter this world, don’t be upset when you hear loud screams echoing in a bright room,
know that it is your mother, overjoyed and exhilarated at your arrival

Dear children,
I know you hate the vegetables and dream of living a life bathing in chocolate, pop tarts, candies and potato chips,
know that your mother is very patient but that does not mean you test it everyday

Dear children,
I will bandage your bruises, but not all of them, kiss the scratches on your face but not all of them because you need to raise yourself beyond these scratches,
as life will give you invisible bruises and scratches so you cannot search for me everytime

Dear children,
I will not tell you bedtime stories of princesses being saved by princes,
I will tell you stories of hope, courage, patience, honesty, love and all the virtues I pray I see in you because stories and books have the power to determine who we are

Dear children,
I also felt like a grown up and would like to have been treated as one when i was young,
therefore when you tell me you are grown up and will understand, I will believe you

Dear children,
I don’t want to be the type who stops you from going out to have fun with your friends and party everyday,
but I definitely don’t want to hide tears from my face or the anger in my heart as I take in every detail of the grimaces on your face when you are happy to disobey me

Dear children,
I will not pester you with questions when I notice you are feeling down,
but know that I have spent tiring years observing and treating your emotions therefore i know a heartbroken face when I see one
talk to me, confide in me. If you don’t want me to talk, i will only listen. If you just want to cry, my shoulder is as vast as the ocean,
pain is a life-long experience, and I can’t take it all away, only be a friend and let you know that letting it all out is the best therapy,

Dear children,
I have rights upon you and you have rights upon me. If you transgress them, I will tell you. If I transgress them, you should tell me
I am your mother, but I’m not an angel

Dear children,
don’t hide your desires, ideas and opinions from me,
you are a human and are entitled to a voice. Speak or others will speak for you

Dear children,
It is not your responsibility to worry about money, that lies on your father and I. You do not deserve this burden,
if you hear us talk about it then we have not fulfilled our responsibility as parents

Dear children,
Your faith is the most important foundation of who you are,
although I’ll try my best to raise you as Muslims such as myself, but I have given you the freedom to search the world and all its books yourselves to understand why I chose to do so. There shall be no judgements or criticisms in my house
and if you understand my choice, know that if you have no one in the world, not even me or your father on your side, you will always have Allah on your side,
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Dear children,
if you wish to live life well, strive to live a peaceful, content and simple life,
what other people say or do doesn’t count except if it is right and it is a priority
therefore don’t worry what fancy clothes other people wear or what house they live in,
to each their own and neither of you should cross each other’s limits,

Dear children,
do not curse each other or others with the intent to cause harm or to prove something vile to yourselves,
I will not do so as I love you but know that doing so makes me want to cut out your tongues so that you understand the pain such words cause others and have caused me my entire life

Dear children,
Choose your friends and partners wisely. Know who they are as individuals as they will affect you
for you will spend your life with their personalities, not their glossy hair or sparkling jewellery
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Dear children,
While other parents expect you to become doctors, lawyers and engineer, I implore you to become whatever your heart guides you to be as long as it is your passion, it is lawful, provides an income and is of service to others and to your country
You were born of me and of this land and I expect nothing more than the best version of yourself you can be
even if it means the threat to your or our lives in your courage to strive against oppressors in defence of justice and our country. Know that if you are ready to be a martyr, then so am I

Dear children,
when I’m ready to meet my maker, don’t cry too much, wishing for more time or for forgiveness from me
know that your mother is always with you and will always love you…………..for the simple reason that you tried
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My name is Andale Seaworne. I’m a regular 20 year old Muslim Pakistani girl navigating through life, sharing knowledge and opinion related to different topics in life from basic moral values with relevance to Islamic teachings to travelling, books, food, personal experiences, observations, interpretations and anything that comes to my mind (in a series of bubbles).

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