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What is pain

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Pain is waiting for the end of all the pain

Pain is watching yourself fade into a helpless person
Pain is not being able to do what you did yesterday
Pain is not remembering what you did and why or where you bought things
Pain is not being able to see the flowers or the children on the other side of the room
Pain is not remembering your children’s birthdays
Pain is not remembering your grandchildren’s birthdays
Pain is knowing tomorrow will be worse
Pain is knowing it will never get better
Pain is waiting for the end of all the pain
Pain is not being able to do things on your own
Pain is not being able to walk as far as you want
Small pain is the pain you feel in your legs, back and arms
Relief is when you won’t care anymore
I pray for my relief!
To my family and friends please think of this
At the time that this disease takes over remember this please
My pain will be gone finally!

© Kathleen B. Hagen

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