You must be tested to be trusted

There’s a stage in a man’s life when he’d think that he’s cursed! Even those around him would think the same that he’s cursed, that he must pray, fast and put on sackcloth in order to be redeemed.

Oh yes to pray and do all of that is good, but not with the ‘cursed’ mindset.

Listen! If as a man you’re passing through hard times, you’re not cursed, I repeat, you’re not cursed!

Anyone that tells you that the enemies from your father’s or mother’s house are after you to make sure all your labouring end up in vain, tell the so-called prophet or the seer that he’s wrong! Yes, he is!

Because the best foe of a man is still the man himself! If you must pray, put on sackcloth, and fast, do all that to conquer yourself. Any man who has won the battle over himself (his desires), can win many life’s sacrosanct battles with enormous ease. In other words, conquer your desires and take over your world.

No wonder, there’s an ancient quote that said; ‘I count him braver, who overcomes his desires, than he who overcomes his enemies’.

Therefore, do not be deceived! You’re only passing through your testing period which is the normal test for all men, not just you!

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Let me take you on a ride, please!

Take a very special look at the radiating beauty of gold you so admire, if it were only possible, that gold could have cried that it didn’t want to look good again when passing through that terrible refining fire!

What about the beautiful chairs in my glorious mansion! Chai! They could also cry out for the same reason of not wanting to look good anymore when those saws, hammers, and nails were all doing their jobs diligently on the innocent wood that must be transformed to look good and to fit into my style, if only it were possible.

If those things can go through all of these and still become what they’re meant to be, do not think, therefore, that as a human being, God will just lunch you into your fortune world just like that, after displaying one beautiful idea! Such lucks are so scarce, I tell you.

Every man must be Tested to be Trusted! If not, the world will not know the direction his mouth must be fixed to mourn the greatness of foolishness!

The reason many youth derailed today is because, they lack patience, perseverance and purpose!

When you can’t wait to pass your exams through your very own worthy efforts, you then resolve to cheat, since you must answer the exam questions anyway! In a good way or in a bad way.

Tomorrow doesn’t forget, you’ll surely have to prove yourself for everything you write on the paper!

And again, if you can do your findings, you will notice that many innumerable great men in the world all passed through this thing called hardship.

It is the first test for everyone, who wants to be great. Both the ones with a silver spoon and the ones with a charcoal spoon, all must in one-time answer the questions from the great fixed coach by God, (Trials).

The hardship is a normal thing and won’t last forever. Just be patient on the right track!

Writer: OKEBE MATTHEW (The Fact Dealer)

Inspired by: Mr IK and Miss Caroline, of READING NATION. And Miss AJAKAYE RASHIDAT OLAMIDAYO, of STRIDA, Striking ideas.