Responsible Living: Live to Fulfill Your Potential

Responsible Living: Live to Fulfill Your Potential

Responsible Living: Live to Fulfill Your Potential

Responsible Living: Live to Fulfill Your Potential is borne of inspiration to motivate people to rise to filling the gaps they discovered in their own lives. In the book, we submitted that nature has deprived us of nothing because we have been ingrained with the power to fashion the world we desire!

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About the Book

It is obvious that we are living in a world that is being challenged than ever! Our co-existence has never been challenged like this and these challenges don’t arise from somewhere else, they are products of what we (you and I) don’t do at all or do better. Our intentional negligence towards what we can do better has manifest to challenges that are haunting and hurting us. We have exchanged rights with wrongs, we have digressed from the path of honour and we have allowed selfishness to override selflessness. Who are the people responsible for these challenges we are facing? Those responsible are those who have never seen anything within themselves. They have never taken their time to soul search and identify the gift God thrust in them to make them live successfully and fulfillingly. And because they don’t do that, they don’t envision any hope for their lives and they resort to damaging and pillaging the unity of the world. They are not ready to be responsible for their actions. They prefer to be blaming other people for their predicaments and allows that to becloud them from raising their intents to be responsible for actions that are shaping them. This is the problem the writers of this book have identified and attempted to address. At this point, we want to advise that we shouldn’t ask our life what it can offer to us; but to ask what we can offer our life. Your life is like a frame that can’t change itself, but can only be changed by you. In that frame, what appears in it can’t be determined by it but by only what you do with it. That is why this book categorises our living into three major phases: Yourself, people around you and the society at large. It comprises of nine chapters, which chapters one to three are devoted to making yourself better so that you can make your life admirable. Chapters three and four are about how we manage our relationship with other people and what we can do when we are dealing with people around us. These have to be emphasized because it may be easier for you to forgive yourself than to forgive other people who disappoints you. We all know that dealing with people is inevitable, while also tolerating their characters without being affected is also considerable. From chapter six to nine, this book chronicles how someone can navigate from discovering him/herself and relate with people around him/her harmoniously to build a virile society by contributing his/her share to the progress and advancement of humanity. This book is meant for everyone (you inclusive) because in it, you would uncover what God has deposited in you and how you can thrive in the world of your own by living a flourishing life filled with purpose and fulfillment. As you will be flipping through the pages of this book, I want you to believe that the book is not meant for anybody else but you. It is meant for you because you have prioritized your life and you are also a source of inspiration to other people around you, which you must live up to. Be responsible for your life and you shall see yourself soaring in Responsible Living…

Genre: Inspirational
Tags: Life, Recommended Books
Publisher: Amazon
Publication Year: 2019
Format: Print & E-formats
Length: 139 pages
ASIN: B07WH3512M

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eBook Price: $4.00
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