Voice Journal March 2019 Edition
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Genres: Inspirational, Poetry, Thriller, Writing, Young Adult
Tags: Literature, Poetry, Recommended Books
Publisher: Giftedminds Writers Firm
Publication Year: March 2019
Format: ebook
Length: Poetry Journal

Without love, is there any meaning to life at all? The simple truth is that every human on this planet has a different definition and perception of what love is. But does love give us pleasure, or does it give us pressure? Is it possible that it causes both?

About the Book

The Voices Journal understand that humans might have clear similarities with the physical features and purpose of existence; but humans will never have the same experience and therefore cannot be possessor of same feeling and thoughts. The Voices Journal also understands that humans’ differences have one or more causers which can be attributed to background and exposure. The Voices Journal is therefore not standing in as a corrective agent or thought-guard but as a gauge in measuring the emotional state of man for possible cause and effect of actions, hence it is a journal of emotions and motions, that is, feelings and actions.

As a result of the above, The Voices Journal should not be perceived or received as a journal of mere illusory words and characters but a research material for the understanding action and the feelings they can generate; of actions and it consequences; of actions and it victim. It is on this note and for this purpose that The Voices Journal will continue to initiate subject matters worthy of consideration and documentation. The journal is therefore open to writers of all kinds who have a story to tell or an opinion to debunk.

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