Voices Journal (2): The Iroko Tree Has Fallen

TEASER: The Iroko Tree Has Fallen (The Ones That Death Stole From Us)

Death keeps coming closer and I’m finding it hard to maintain my sense of detachment.

I don’t like death for all that it is. It’s an inevitable consequence of living; we’re dying from the moment we arrive here on earth. For all that I care, it in reserve as an escape option.

We are marked for death from the beginning; we are mortal, after all. Coming to terms – accepting and living – with the truth of our mortality is difficult. All I have stated are true talk but the reality of death is harder to deal with.

Still, I wouldn’t condemn anyone to eternal life, even those I love more than life itself. It is the finite nature of our existence that makes moments precious.

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About the Book

The Iroko Has Fallen: expresses the clouts of death among the living. With over fifteen (15) contributing writers, you will be exposed to the poignant state of mind of several persons who have experienced loss; and how they were able to move on. This journal equally revel the demise of heroes and reverence medical giants who insistently made impact in their fight against coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This journal is therefore a useful guide for anyone who has recently lost a loved one; or is passing through difficulty in moving on after the death of a loved one.

Series: Voices: International Journal of Emotions and Motions, Book 2
Genres: Essay, Poetry
Tags: Death, Grief, Life, Literature, Poetry, Recommended Books
Publisher: Giftedminds Writers Firm
Publication Year: 2020
Format: Electronic version
Length: Journal

eBook Price: 2.99 USD
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