Our History

Giftedminds Writers Firm is an information resource company with interest in creative writing, entreprise development and marketing, public opinion polling, recreation and enlightenment, and academic research.

The firm was officially registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria, on the 19th of April 2016.


Prior to its registration, the firm existed as a voluntary enlightenment group. This group consisted of six undergraduates of Kwara State University. The group was created by Victor Eshameh in 2012. The aim of the group was to motivate the world and provide educational resources.


By 2014 the voluntary group started taking steps towards building a corporate entity. This birthed Destinedove Books. Our desire was to become a leading online motivational publisher and researcher.

Destinedove Books attracted high school teachers around the world, who found our contents useful for their students.


Destinedove Books could no longer function as envisioned. The strength of the group became weakened as university final year sets in. The team became focused on academics.

In October 2015, Victor Eshameh kick starts again and this time alone. The first action was renamed to become “Giftedminds Writers Firm” and then, registering the firm.


Giftedminds Writers Firm has several freelancers including editors, researchers, creative and result-oriented writers among others.

With these workforces, Giftedminds Writers Firm continues to provide such services as academic research, copywriting, ghostwriting, editing and proofreading, electronic publishing, author publicity, case study, consultancy, among others.

Our Vision

To be the central force in generating contents and promoting enterprises to the world using all social technologies.

Our Mission

To rejuvenate the convention of information communication for positive and productive effects through organising events, producing marketing materials and publishing literature with the largest network of audience.



Our Goals

  1. To turn in totality minds especially that of the adolescents into a productive and resourceful vineyard of blameless fruits through our enlightenment programs
  2. Equally, to put into miniature words, the big, wide, and spacious world and happenings around it for correction and redirection through our research undertakings and discoveries
  3. We are committed to creating an elegant yet affordable link between the circle of business i.e. business to consumers and business to business for economic growth through our entrepreneurship and marketing concepts
  4. To present and represent the beauty of literature and writers through production and publication of creative contents for readers’ delight via our publication department
  5. Likewise, to be the world largest mobile book service provider; providing the easiest and cheapest access to unlimited and ever-fresh literature

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