Poetic regime

Poetic Regime is simply poetry in which the text is mixed with melody and staged. Creative writers and poets at Poetic Regime perform stage actions with all needed instrumental accompaniment. This is often accompanied by drama scenes, dance scenes, and overtones that could put the spoken word to a pause.

Poetic Regime is not and cannot be likened to a poetry slam. Though these two might share some similarities because they are both poetry oriented programs and equally performed by poets and spoken word artists. Here are five interesting differences between the regular poetry slam and poetic regime.
The poetic regime is so-called because of the intention of the show. The poetic regime is a course of therapy characterized by poetry but possessing unusual sensitivity and insight enabling the ability to picture things beautifully or romantically.

The poetic regime is not just poetry spoken word show as provided by poetry slam. The poetic regime encompasses other genres of literature such as rap, opera, play, dance, choreography among others.

Poetic regime unlike poetry slam brings the spirit of opera to play. The poetic regime provides the vocal number (a soliloquy (monologue), a duet (dialogue), and trios typically dramatize the conflicted state of one of the participants); orchestra (playing classical music consisting of sections of string, woodwind, brass, and drum); overtone (a musical signature of introduction to a poet, play or written work).


Why you should attend Poetic Regime

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Poetic Regime is a well-planned program for relaxation and socialization. This program is carefully designed as a therapy for stress and ennui (weariness and dissatisfaction with life that results from a loss of interest or sense of excitement). Poetry bears a magical touch of internal penetration spiced around the mentholated spirit that tends to mutilated souls. Hence, there will be no perfect time than now to serve the general world with poetry than now when stress and ennui are suffered by many.

Expected participants

Poetic Regime is designed not just for poetry spoken words but as a general literature fiesta where words meet with tunes and tunes will flow in actions and actions lead to reactions. To take the show to this level of expectation, Poetic Regime brings onboard exclusive show stoppers – mind-blowing word arts, mellow instrumentalists, graceful steppers, and merriest performing arts.

Program objectives 

  1. Bonding and Acquaintance
  2. Fun and happiness
  3. Therapeutic effect
  4. Intellectual banter
  5. Mental fortitude
  6. Human relations
  7. Shared feelings

Program activities

Poetic Regime activities has been split into three categories; performance, dialogue and exhibition. These three categories represent three different fun-packed presentations which will be carried out as scheduled.

Performance is divided into three acts – spoken words, Drama/Choreography, and tunes.

Dialogue brings our guests on stage.

Exhibition brings our Grand Master Sponsors on stage.

Refreshments are available before, during and after the show.

For sponsorship details

Call: 08100069115


For Participation details

Visit: Register to perform at Poetic Regime


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