Mystery behind fogs and snow

Why is there fog over water? Fog, dew and clouds are all related. In order for fog to form, the moisture must leave the air and condense. This means it must be cooled in some way, because cooler air cannot hold as much moisture as warm air. When the air […]

Continental Government for Africa

Continental Government for Africa By Kwame Nkrumah   We have seen, in the example of the United States, how the dynamic elements within society understood the need for unity and fought their bitter civil war to maintain the political union that was threatened by the reactionary forces. We have also […]

Stay Motivated during COVID-19 (VII)

Welcome to stay motivated during COVID-19 series number 7. Stay Motivated during COVID-19 is an inspirational note that I promise to share until the end of COVID-19. This is to get us set for a new beginning. Today’s discourse are facts on Getting Rich. What does being rich mean to […]

What Triggers Feelings and Action in Human?

Everyone feels, react and act. So, what triggers this feelings and actions in human? Serotonin does. Serotonin is a chemical that acts in the brain and other parts of the body to influence many feelings, actions and processes. Some of the important functions regulated by serotonin include appetite, sleep, aggression, […]

Stay Motivated during COVID-19 (V)

Title: THE POWER OF UNIQUENESS The number 1 secret of financial success is uniqueness. If you are not unique, you are like the tomatoes seller at the market – offering the same goods as everyone else. This is no way to get rich. If you ever aim to make money […]

Stay Motivated during COVID-19 (IV)

Life’s way of testing your true belief is to make things difficult. The only thing you can do is persist. The rich are the biggest failure. Successful people fail more than failures. But they are different from failures in one respect: they keep learning and working towards their goal until […]