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Business ideas are easy to come by. Similarly, they wither away so easily. There are healthy tips to help keep your entrepreneurship fire burning. This is not a piece of breaking news, they are things you might have heard but didn’t notice.

Let’s take a look at some daily activities you can choose from …

  • Research 10 new clients in your niche.
  • Write your self-promotion email.
  • Reach out to a new potential client.
  • Follow up with a potential client you’ve already started a relationship with.
  • Propose something new to a client you’re already working with.
  • Write an article demonstrating your area of expertise.
  • Research places to publish the article.
  • Plan your tweets or Facebook updates for the week.
  • Gather a few images for some Instagram posts.
  • Research and join a community on LinkedIn of people who could be potential clients.
  • Post a few comments to various threads in a relevant LinkedIn group.
  • Revise a page of your freelance website.
  • Plan out your next blog post for your website.
  • Send out a request to a recent client for a testimonial.
  • Send out a request for a referral note.

There are so many things you can do to build your business. The above points are relatively easy and can change the phase of your business forever.

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