Don’t try to do them all at once. Choose three or four, never more, to begin with, and then add one or two more each day. Good luck!

  1. Never smoke in the car
  2. Refuse every cigarette that’s offered to you
  3. Don’t have a cigarette before breakfast
  4. Buy only one pack at a time
  5. Buy only 10 cigarettes, not 20
  6. Buy a different brand of cigarettes every time, not just your favorite
  7. Before you light up, count to 10
  8. Every time you take a cigarette, put the pack away in another room
  9. When you run out of cigarette, never take one from someone else
  10. After each puff, put the cigarette down
  11. Never smoke out of doors
  12. Never smoke in bed
  13. Stop smoking at work
  14. Don’t smoke in the house
  15. Stop carrying your lighter or matches with you
  16. Stop smoking a cigarette more than half way down
  17. After a meal, don’t smoke until you’ve left the table
  18. Only smoke if you’re sitting in an uncomfortable chair
  19. Don’t smoke while you’re relaxing with a drink
  20. Keep a rubber band around your cigarette pack as a reminder

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