Remember, woman

You were born with the heart of a thousand mothers,
open and fearless and sweet.

You were born with the fire of Queens and conquerors,
warrioress blood you bleed.

You were born with the wisdom of sages and shamans,
no wound can you not heal.

Women and Beauty

Welcome to a new week with Giftedminds Writers updates. This week we will display to your reading delight literally works on “women and beauty“. Last week, we brought to you works on “inspirations and hope“. I hope you will enjoy this week’s schedule and updates. To get the best of […]

Ours to plough not to plunder

The earth is ours to plough and plant The hoe is her barber the dibble her dimple Out with mattocks and matches bring calabash trays and rocking baskets let the sweat which swells earthroot relieve heavy heaps of their tuberous burdens let wheatfields raise their breadsome hands to the ripening […]