30 commonly used words derived from Greek language

I hope you are aware that not all of the words we speak are English words. Some of these words are borrowed from French, Spanish, Roman, Greek etc. Here are 30 commonly used words derived from Greek language. Alphabet Bicycle Dinosaur Economy Harmony Idea Monarchy Orgy Problem Statistic Telephone Rhinoceros […]

Time in a mirror

White-tip mountains, majestic, stand tall. Images of trees, reflections of clouds in blue. Birds in flight look down to see years gone by, years still to see. Leaves of green, brown, yellow and red, reflect as they float to their winter bed. Footprints in snow of squirrels and deer. The […]

Someday a mountain

I’m going to be a mountain someday and just stand all the time stalwart and mighty collecting crystal’s from heaven and dispersing them ever so gently kindly and impartially to thirsty fields below I will rise to alpine stature I will be a mountain firm and ever a humble beacon […]