The Devil Drinks Alcohol

Behind those eyes, who would see the pain that lies inside, secrets she only wish she could deny. But don’t runaway little girl, don’t runaway. When she feels the world doesn’t care, trying to hide beneath her hair, wondering is she could just disappear. But don’t runaway little girl, don’t […]

My Best Friend Died

My best friend has gone away. No more will we laugh and play, No more games and whispered secrets shared. No more comfort knowing she cared. My best friend is dead and gone, Never again to tag along With me to the park or mall Or have a sleepover or […]

Friends That Let You Down

These so called friends have let me down And made me feel as though I would drown My heart was broken, like a death to grieve, These friends of mine set out to deceive. We had been friends for many years, With much laughter, fun and tears, We’d had good […]

Wake Up, It’s Not A Dream

He drifts in like the gentleness of a stream. It all happens so fast. Wake up… it’s not a dream. Before you know you’re giving and he’s taking. But you are blind to this deception, as he uses his insecurities as a weapon. This “poor man,” he says that he […]