There’s a time that I remember, when I did not know no pain When I believed in forever, and everything would stay the same Now my heart feel like December when somebody say your name ‘Cause I can’t reach out to call you, but I know I will one day, […]

Two Days

When we finally kissed, it was clear that it was our last. His lips pressed gently against mine. I felt that kind of wrenching in my heart, and as I turned and walked the other way, I could hear him packing the picnic back into his basket. It took some […]


OH GATHER the thoughts of your early years, gather them as they flow, for all unmarked in those thoughts appears the path where you soon must go. ALSO READ: Broken Soul full many a dream will wither away, and Springtide hues are brief, but the lines are there of the […]

DREAMS – An Irish Poem

Beyond, beyond the mountain line, The grey-stone and the boulder, Beyond the growth of dark green pine, That crowns its western shoulder, There lies that fairy-land of mine, Unseen of a beholder. Its fruits are all like rubies rare; Its streams are clear as glasses; There golden castles hang in […]