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Day: 20 April 2020

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Giftedminds Writers Firm Celebrates 4 Years Anniversary

HAPPY 4TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY GIFTEDMINDS WRITERS FIRM   Giftedminds Writers Firm, a content and research firm in Nigeria, was established in 2016. The principal aim of the firm is to create creative contents for a wide range of products and services. Inclusively, the firm was established to provide heartrending literature for the consumption of vast…
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Why is protective clothing worn by scientists?

Two of the many things that scientists study are germs and bacteria that carry diseases; hence the need for protective clothing. Many of these germs and diseases could be extremely dangerous if touched or sometimes just breathing in. It is essential for the scientist to wear protective clothing which would include masks, gloves, body and…
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Incredible trends in the means of communication

Incredibly, there have been several changes in information communication. Only a few hundreds of years ago, the fastest way a piece of news could travel was to be carried by a person on horseback. Messages sent overseas could only travel as fast as the fastest sailing ship. Breakthrough came in communications with the invention of…
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Why does lightening flash

As light travels faster through the air than sound, we see the lightening flash before hearing thunder.

Pyramid Builders Must Have Been Good Mathematicians, Here is why

The shape of a pyramid (polyhedron) is a three-dimensional figure with flat faces.

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