Ilorin - Kwara state, Nigeria

Day: 19 May 2020

Insightful. Explicit. Informative.

Live Your Flair, Not Your Fear

“Don’t be afraid to fail; if you are afraid to fail, you are getting yourself frozen and stiffled.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger Life is always a two-sided coin – Positive or negative, failure or success, hope or despair and flair or fear. Every of the “sides” are important to what we seek to become in life.…
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If I might choose – John  Anster

If I might choose where my tired limbs shall lie When my task here is done, the oak’s green crest Shall rise above my grave — a little mound, Raised in some cheerful village cemetery. Also See: A Poem By Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o on COVID-19 And I could wish, that, with unceasing sound, A lonely…
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The Discovery – Monk Gibbon

Adam, who thought himself immortal still, Though cast from Eden, not knowing yet of death, Nor guessing that what has beginning ends, Nor that the life goes also with the breath, Also See: 3 heartbreak poems that will make your eyes wet by Frank Solanki Wandering in empty fields one day, Pushing the grass aside,…
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No one is love perfect

At first, one would think the easiest thing in life should be love. Because we were told that love is everything good and charming. Love is kind. Love is caring. Love is patient. Love is gentle. God is love. You know the rest. Wait until you have fallen in and out of several relationship “successfully”,…
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