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Day: 16 June 2020

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Dance History: Any Body Can Dance

Dance probably has been around about as long as people have. Cave paintings thousands of years old show what look like dancing figures. Dancers appear in the art of ancient Egypt and Greece. Through dance, societies asked their gods for good crops or bravery in battle. Hundreds of years ago the Christian church frowned upon…
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How to deal with naysayers trying to spoil your ambition

“I want to thank all the people who have told me I couldn’t do it. It is because they doubted me that I leaped this high.” – Anonymous We all have find ourselves in a situation where we are asked what we want to do or become. It is always demoralising when the next thing…
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2020 BET Awards Full Nomination List

The Black Entertainment Television (BET) on Monday June 15, made public the nomination list for 2020 BET awards. Prominent names in the music, movie and sport industry – Beyonce, Chris Brown, Usher, Cardi B, Jamie Foxx – made the list of 2020 BET Awards. The BET Award is expect to hold in the last week…
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PICTURES: Going the extra mile with pre-wedding pictures

One fact rules this world we live in, and this one single fact is creativity. Pre-wedding photos Going the extra mile and making things happen in a uniquely different way is what moves the world. These pre-wedding photos are what I call going the extra mile. Pre-wedding photos PETS AND ANIMALS: (Pictures) See what your…
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Really big animals on earth

Are there really big animals on earth? What are the biggest animals on earth? Where do the biggest animals on earth live? What is the biggest animals on earth? There are really big animals on earth both on land and in water. The biggest of them all resides in the water and enjoys several fresh…
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Anne Frank’s story inspiring people to fight against all kinds of discrimination.

Anne Frank’s life was short and tragic. Yet her brave spirit has survived in her diary. She wrote this diary while hiding from the Nazis during World War II (1939-1945). Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt, Germany, on June 12, 1929. Her family was Jewish. In 1933, the Nazi Party came to power in Germany. The Nazis blamed Jews for the nation’s…
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