Freelance Writer

21. Take on the occasional tough or unfamiliar project. It will stretch you. Years ago, I taught a 3-day seminar having previously only handled half-day sessions. I was as nervous as an acrophobic about to do a bungee jump. But now multi-day workshops are within my comfort zone.

22. Act like a consultant, not a temp employee. You’re an equal with your client. You offer a valuable business service. Always present yourself that way.

23. Success isn’t about getting gigs, it’s about building relationships. One-off gigs will make you tired. Regular clients with recurring projects will make you inspired.

24. If you’re not getting half your new business through referrals, you’re doing something wrong. Fix it. (Tom Stoyan told me that 20 years ago and I never forgot it.)

25. Never submit your work to a client unless you’re in love with it yourself. That means doing your best, wow-worthy work, every time.

After 25 years, you might think I follow these tenets religiously these days. Ahhh, no. Not always. I slip up more times than I care to admit. But, as I said in #9, it’s all about striving to be the best you can be.

So, my overall advice to my fellow freelancers is … keep on striving!